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How did Warrior Leadership get its name? The name originates and pays homage to Native American Chiefs, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. Both men exemplified versatile, effective leadership and were gifted communicators. These warriors were respected for their bravery and honor and further revered for their roles as teachers, mentors, and statesmen.

They could deftly handle conflict inside and outside of their tribes. These men possessed the courage to fight when it was necessary but were wise enough to know that sometimes the only skill needed to resolve conflict both within and outside of their communities was listening.

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I knew how to confront someone without damaging the relationship? You are not alone. Most people fear the defensiveness that comes from confrontation. Warrior Leadership LLC provides training courses that equip you with a roadmap to successfully maneuver through such conversation. Most participants are shocked at how easy the skills are to implement and how quickly conflict can be extinguished in a productive way, leaving both parties feeling better.


We can teach you proven, tested people skills that are essential to being successful in your relationships. Our workshops includes rigorous, moderated skill implementation practice, enabling you to immediately apply concepts learned in all facets of your life. Warrior Leadership will equip you with communication skills that will support your leadership throughout your lifetime.

Meet Your



Jeff Herold

Jeff is the founder and CEO of Warrior Leadership, based in Covington, Georgia. He formed Warrior Leadership to provide effective communication and leadership training to participants seeking personal growth at work and at home.

Mike Ogle

Mike is the co-owner and CFO of Warrior Leadership. He is committed to improving the lives of others through enriched communication and conflict resolution skills. 

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