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our next workshop
th July 7 - fri July 8

two-day communication & conflict resolution workshop (ccrw)

Your communication skills have a direct correlation to your overall career success and personal happiness. Too often, we see people with God given talent that miss out on opportunities for success because they simply can’t communicate effectively or manage conflict productively.  


The fundamentals in CCRW will help you to facilitate complex, problem-solving meetings, manage tense personality driven exchanges, and confront problems requiring others to change.


In this workshop, you will hear about the successes, failures, and lessons learned from 30 years of military and civilian leadership experience, as well as the communication techniques that were instrumental in saving a fractured relationship with my son.


The skills and techniques found in this workshop are so powerful, they are used by FBI Hostage negotiators around the world and are derived from the work of renowned psychologists Dr. Carl Rogers and Dr. Thomas Gordon. The skills have paid tremendous dividends in both my personal and professional life, and I feel confident they will help you too.


Each training day includes lecture, discussion, small group work, and situational response exercises. The interactive training style of the course limits attendance to 18 participants. A distinguishing difference between CCRW and other trainings is that you finish the course “consciously skilled"; ready to implement and confidently address real-time issues at work and at home.

workshop information
dates: thurs, july 7 - fri, july 8

Full attendance both days is necessary, as the material build and student participation is interactive. Tuition includes breakfast at 8:30am, lunch (12:00pm - 12:30pm), & brief morning and afternoon breaks. Registration is "first come, first reserved," up to a maximum of 18 participants.

when & where



july 7 - 8

8:30am - Breakfast

9:00am - Class begins

12:00pm - 12:30pm - Lunch

5:00pm - Class concludes


The Center Newton County Tomorrow

2104 Washington Street

Covington, GA 30014



COMMITMENT: This class cannot accommodate cancellations or manage last minute add-ons with ease. If you opt to cancel, there is no tuition refund; Your reservation will be transferred to a later date for yourself or another participant. Cost is $350 per participant. We are offering a $325 early bird discount if registered before June 15th. Tuition includes extensive course materials, breakfast, and lunch.



Although vaccination is recommended, it is a personal choice, and the privacy of your status will be respected. As the virus stills remains an ongoing concern, wearing a mask and the observance of interpersonal space will be at your own comfort level and discretion. Masks are not required, and attendance is at your own risk.

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